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We now fit fully compliant consumer units which confirm to the latest 18th Edition regulations. The change to the regulations is due to a number of fire investigators throughout the UK noticing a recent trend with an increasing number of fires involving plastic consumer units.

The results of fire investigations where physical evidence has identified the fire originating within a plastic consumer unit is that defective connections have led to the ignition and destruction of the plastic enclosures. The fire often develops to involve the entire plastic enclosure with burning droplets of plastic falling to the floor that on occasions can start secondary fires below. Other items stored or installed adjacent to the consumer units determine how the fire develops from this point. Some of the fires have also involved gas pipes, which has significantly increased the fire development.

A new metal consumer unit would provide far more protection to your home and much more importantly, you and your family. A new consumer unit could bring your home up to current electrical safety standards.

Only use a fully qualified electrician when replacing a consumer unit, please don’t try to swap your consumer unit yourself, or have someone who can't provide any paper work and has no experience do it for you. You don't want to risk it when it comes to electrical safety, trust us!

The simple fact is that some consumer units have become a liability, and simply don’t comply with modern electrical health and safety requirements. So if your consumer unit is out dated it could have been installed in the 1950's. (Not quite as safe as one of todays' 18th edition dual RCD boards.)

Our charge is worked out at £35.00 an hour (with a minimum call out charge of 2 hours per job).However, we do still provide free estimates and give you a full quotation for each job for free.Our price is calculated out by including free waste removal and clean up after each and every job. This saves you the heartache of getting rid of old consumer units, old wiring, plaster board mess everywhere in case we have to chase out new wiring in walls etc, so leave all this to us.

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