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Electrical & Engineering Services cover Smart Home Upgrades.

We can visit your premises and make an assessment and talk to you to find out what is best for your needs.

We are covering many systems and are just about to be fully fledged Nest Systems installers. In today's busy environment of us needing things conveniently, this is an area which is now proving very popular with many of our clients.

Our charge is worked out at £35.00 an hour (with a minimum call out charge of 2 hours per job).However, we do still provide free estimates and give you a full quotation for each job for free.Our price is calculated out by including free waste removal and clean up after each and every job. This saves you the heartache of getting rid of old consumer units, old wiring, plaster board mess everywhere in case we have to chase out new wiring in walls etc, so leave all this to us.

Get in touch today.

Electrical & Engineering Services Ltd
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